A Quick Stop At Avalon Duck Pond and the Dinosaur

Today we stopped off at Avalon Park after an appointment so Xavier could do a bit of exploring. They have a huge playground but he seemed more excited about the duck pond and the dinosaur.

On the weekends Avalon park has a model train and a mini putt golf which the lions club run. which in the summer and spring time sounds lovely.

While we didn’t make it to the playground it looked lovely and large enough with a separate area for the under-fives which would be great for both Xavier and Ezra so we will head there on a Sunday that is nice so the boys can explore (plus Luke will be with me so easier to handle two at this late in pregnancy).

When we arrived we had the run of the duck pond and bridge while we were there which was great because he just ran up and down the bridge, calling for me and laughing.

It was just Xavier and I this morning so it made it even more special. But to see him laugh, run about and to just see his excitement made my day.
We only had 30 minutes to spare but in that time Xavier managed to run up and down the bridge calling for me. “Watch me mummy. I run fast.”

Xavier managed to spot the dinosaur and stand there pointing at it and just starting at it. “Look mummy a big dinosaur.”

Xavier then managed to find the ducks and race off without me making me super nervous as he got closer to the pond and me screaming to make sure he stops and waits for me.

We then left the ducks to go in hunt for the Dinosaur again and see if we can get any closer. We did get to see it without the railings but couldn’t get much closer as it had been placed in the middle of the pond.

And then a quick look at the small waterfall to end our quick trip
And finally a few smiles for me before we left.

I’ve promised Xavier we will be going back soon and spending longer. Although this time I think we will actually start with the park and work our way towards to the ducks and the dinosaur.

He looks so grown up it makes me very emotional.

– Just A Happy Mum


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