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Wow it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? And how the world has changed since I last posted. This Covid-19 virus has just taken over everything and we here in New Zealand are in lockdown as I am sure most you are as well where ever you are from. So that means the hubby is home and working from home and our kindy has closed down like the rest and the boys are home full time. So we have had to find other ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained and of course keep the boys busy so that Luke can work properly because he is still doing his normal hours and like normal the boys are wanting to be apart of what he is doing and is trying to help.

So here are a few at home activities that I have been doing with the boys to keep them entertained and to stop their arguing.

Fireworks in a Jar:
This was shared to our kindy’s learning page. Didn’t turn out quiet as I expected but the boys loved it.

What you need – Oil, Water and Food Coloring
3/4 Fill the jar with water
In a separate bowl mix 4 tablespoons of oil and a few drops of different colors of food coloring with a fork gently to mix the oil and food coloring together. Gently tip into the jar.

Rainbow Skittles Experiment
I found this one on Pinterest its saved to my board At Home Activities
The boys weren’t too sure what was happening to begin with and got excited because they thought I was letting them eat all the skittles.

But they had fun once they realized that it turned into a rainbow and then of course they blew on it until all the colors combined.

We got Luke to go out and draw a hopscotch so the boys could have a jump around. As you can see his hopscotch came out very different from the normal looking ones but they boys still enjoyed it and had a good run and jump to burn that energy off.

Coloring Changing Milk
What you need: Milk in a bowl, food coloring and cotton buds dipped in dish wash liquid.
This has been another favorite of the boys I would say third favorite and was also another pinteret find. We have done this experiment twice now and they have asked to redo it. So it’s another one we will be revisiting this week.

Underwater Volcano
What you need: One small jar, a pebble, a large jar,red and yellow food coloring, hot and cold water.

Place the pebble at the bottom of the small jar, fill with hot water, add one or two drops of red and yellow food coloring. Gently stir and then drop the small jar into the big jar that is filled with cold water and watch what happens.

This one wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be. The boys were a little confused but we did it multiple times in one sitting and they enjoyed the last three times.

Baking Soda, Vinegar and Dish wash liquid Experiment
What you need: Food coloring, Baking Soda, Dish wash Liquid and Vinager.
A container or small containers in one big container to catch the mess.

Add food coloring to the baking soda and leave to dry. Once dry place the baking soda in a container or into separate containers like we did. In a jug add vinegar and dish wash liquid and gently stir and then pour away.

This one has been the boys second favorite experiment and we will be redoing this one this week.

Of course it ended with the boys stirring the foam together and then placing their hands in it 🙂

Fake Snow Play
But by far the boys most favorite has been the fake snow play.
I brought this from farmers for Christmas but never ended up using it (newborn life was then) so I decided to make it. We used up both containers and just added water and watched it double in size. Luke then blew up the kids paddling pool and we placed the snow in there. Let the boys grab their toys and just let them play.

The best part about this snow is that once finished you can place the snow in containers and keep it to be reused.

Well that’s about it. We have done other things like play-doh time, backyard swing set time, picking flowers time, helping mummy in the kitchen time coloring in time and of course learning to write time.

What activities have you done with your kids while in Isolation?

Most activities here can be found on my pinterest page Activities At Home

Keep Safe.

-Just A Happy Mum Blog


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