Baking with the Kids

One thing I love to do is bake. One thing I am starting to love is having my kids involved in baking with me.

I have always had this vision for when I bake with my kids and that is to have them sitting on the counter so they can easily reach everything and help me to bake. Unfortunately our kitchen is tiny so that can be hard to do. But I achieved it kind off. Wasn’t exactly how I wanted it but the boys loved being up there and seeing everything better.

This week I decided to bake a another favorite from my childhood a Simple School Tray Bake with Sprinkles as I used to know them by.

After finding a recipe online the boys and I decided to give it ago.

At first both boys were excited to be up on the bench and baking. The laughs and smiles coming from them were the best sounds I had heard all day.

Ezra was first to start with the Sugar because of course he was closest.

Xavier was helping him by showing him where it goes 🙂

Then Xavier had a turn which Ezra wasn’t too happy about.

Unfortunately after Ezra realized that he had to share turns with Xaiver and the mixer giving him a fright he decided enough of this and abandoned us. Xavier took over the rest of the baking.

Once the cake was fully mixed and mama took over to place it in the oven the kids went off and did their usual. By the time the cake was ready to decorate both boys were in bed so this mama had to take over. Which was fine it was nice and quiet except for the hubby hovering behind.

Even though Ezra abandoned us because he had to take turns both boys were enjoying themselves to begin with. Xavier loved helping out and happily ran off with the spatula as you do and Ezra had a spoon that had some mixture on it. So both boys ended up happy when they realized the tray bake wasn’t ready immediately.

I got to admit I love having the boys help. And eventually in a few years when we sell and move the kitchen will be in the top 5 of the most important things to look at when buying a house. So I can have that cheesy vision of the boys all sitting on the counter that’s big enough to hold everything and all three of them and they can all crowd around and help out.

Until then I will put my boys in my small bench and we will just make memories this way.

Sesh that sounded way to cheesy but it makes us all happy.

Plus boy do my boys have a small attention span when it comes to some things.

– Just A Happy Mum


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