Christmas Eve Box

This year I have decided to start a new tradition with the boys.

A Christmas Eve Box. The hubby isn’t too keen on this one and he can just sit it out.

I’ve seen these all over Instagram for the last couple of years and always wanted to try it with the boys once they were a little bit older.

One thing we are doing differently is that I don’t have one of those Christmas Eve boxes with our family name on it. I just have a simple little basket that I had laying around that does the same trick.

This is what I have included in our Christmas Eve Box:

A set if matching PJs for Xaiver and Ezra
A Christmas onsie for Damian
2 matching hot chocolate cups sets that comes with its own small whisk and marshmellows for Xavier and Ezra
2 different matching hot chocolate cup sets for Luke and I
2 Santa Clause chocolates
2 Christmas tree cookies
and a new book for the boys to read that night.

I still need to add the popcorn tonight.

This is what our little box looks like:

And these are the PJs for the boys to wear:

Once the boys are in their PJs and have had their photos taken we can sit down either in the bed or in the lounge and watch Christmas movies. An all time favorite of mine is Home Alone the first one and someone else suggested The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

So that is pretty much it. The new tradition that I want to start with the boys. Who knows if it will take off or if after this year I will give up.

Does anyone else have any Christmas Eve Traditions?

-Just A Happy Mum


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