Christmas has started in our house

Can anyone really believe that it already the 11th December? I mean where has the time gone?

For our house the hubby wouldn’t allow the tree to go up until the 1st December unless I put it up while he was at work and then he would have to live with that.

But we have certain roles when it comes to doing the Christmas Tree, and that is that Luke gets the tree out, puts it together and then does the lights because I hate putting the tree together and the lights always frustrate me to the point where I throw them down and walk them away.

Then I take over and decorate the tree, make sure its the way I want it and take the pictures.

So that’s what we did. We waited until the 1st December and then you better believe it went up that morning.

Xavier and Ezra of course tried to help Luke and it was just the cutest while I sat there and held Damian and nursed my trapped vain. Once it was up I took over.

This year except for the boys named ornaments all the other ornaments were brought brand new after an unplanned trip to Farmers and seeing they had 60% off. I mean who could resist.

Once the tree was up it was photo time for the boys. I was surprised that they actually sat for me and without bribing them. So I took full advantage of that with individual photos and then brother photos of Xavier and Ezra together.

I then dressed Damian in his newborn Christmas onsie and got some photos of him under the Christmas tree.

The only photo missing is one of all three boys sitting in front of the tree. But I have a special photo planned for that on Christmas Eve so we will get it then 🙂

How is everyone else’s Christmas decorating coming along?

All that’s left is to now wrap gifts and Santa sacks.

Just A Happy Mum


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