Countdown Vs Pak n Save Online Shopping and the extra fees

I have had someone ask me why I did my online shop with Countdown instead of Pak N Save as countdown is more expensive.

The thing with online shopping is you can compare prices and see all the extra charges and see who is cheaper for what you are buying.

For us for this month not only did Countdown work out cheaper food wise. I also learnt about the extra charges that Pak N Save charge at the end.

At countdown online their click and collect is free.

At Pak N Save online you get charged two extra fees on top of your food order.

This is what their website fees state once you hit your trolley page.

Charge 1: Bag Fee “A Flat $1 fee will be charged per order to pack your groceries into bags.”

Charge 2: Service Fee “A flat $5 service fee currently applies to all Click and Collect orders to cover the costs of someone picking and assembling your order for you.”

Now some of you may say “oh well that’s only an extra $6 dollars added to your order” and I totally get that.

And if Pak N Save had worked out cheaper in food this month then I would have been happy to pay the extra $6 dollar fee.

But as it worked out Countdown came out at $20 cheaper for our monthly shop. If I had gone with Pak N Save I not only would have been paying an extra $20 for the 101 items we got taking the cheaper brands as well. It would have actually been an extra $26 more than Countdown.

If next month Pak N Save does work out cheaper then I will pay the extra fee and go with them.

Another thing about Countdown that I really did appreciated was that my order was rather large. I mean 101 items. So they kept it in the lockers out back, they phoned me to make sure a substitute on an item was going to be okay as they had run out of the brand that I ordered, they didn’t charge me for the extra $1.50 difference on the substitute either.

Also my trolley was in two trolleys. A worker came out with the second trolley, followed me to my car, helped me pack everything into my boot and then took both my trolleys away.

But I do get where people are coming from and yes in the past I have found Pak N Save cheaper .

In saying that remember I do ONE big order a month.

So when we get paid, the shopping list is finalized and I sit down and i do the price comparison between the two shops the overall price is also affected by what the specials are on each supermarket as well. Sometimes Pam’s works out cheaper than Countdowns own and sometimes its the other way around.

So nothing against Pak N Save at all that is just the way this month worked out. But those extra charges are also something to keep in mind when doing your shopping as well. Because $6 dollars to a budget can sometimes push them over the budget and is just not affordable.

– Just A Happy Mum


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