Damian Turns 1

Damian is one. I mean first Xavier turns 5 and then this week (Yesterday to be exact) Damian turned 1.

This last year has been the most rewarding, sad and happy year all mixed in one.

The reason it has been sad is because I know this is out last. My surgery is next month. So I have had a time of sadness knowing that I will never grow another baby, that I will never have another newborn in the house.

But that is okay. Damian is a blessing. He is happy most of the time. He loves his big brothers and his tota and his dada. He is learning to walk and talk, he is feeding himself.

He is just an absolute joy and I am forever grateful that he and his brothers choose me to be their mama.

Damian’s first was very low key. I spent the day playing, laughing and crying. I didn’t worry about trying to capture the perfect momen. I caught a couple of moments but I spent most of the day with the camera and phone away.

Here are my few fav photos that I took yesterday. From a great big smile in the morning too trying cake for the first time. Enjoy 🙂


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