Daycare Teacher Christmas Gifts and Why We Are Doing It This Year

Daycare/Kindy Teacher Christmas Gifts who does them?

This is our first year doing them. Xavier and Ezra moved in January of this year to a new daycare and it was the best move we could ever have made this far for the boys.

Xavier’s speech has improved dramatically with the extra help his teacher provided him and on top of that they have been amazing with needing to move days around, having Ezra on his extra days that he isn’t meant to attend so that I can be there for dads treatments, doctors appointments, my own appointments while I was pregnant.

His teachers and the center in general have absolutely gone above and beyond with the help they have given us so I wanted to do something for them.

I wasn’t too sure what to do and I looked for gift ideas but by looking for ideas I became overwhelmed with the options in which I could do for them.

So in the end we went with something simple and something everyone loves. I didn’t want to do just a box of chocolates for the teachers so Damian and I went into Kmart and found somethings.

We found these cups that came with a box of hot chocolate, a small box of marshmallows and a little whisk so we got three of one colour and three of another.

We then found these cute little Gingerbread house biscuits that honestly I just couldn’t not get them. So we got two of each design and that made up their Christmas Gifts from Xavier and Ezra.

We added a little tag to each one of the cup sets and the biscuits so that we knew which one belonged to which teacher and we delivered them to the office on Monday Morning.

The teachers were really surprised. And it wasn’t much but a small Thank You for everything they have done for us during this difficult year that we have faced.

Best part was the Cup sets were $5 each and the Gingerbread house biscuits were $4 each. So worked very well with out budget 🙂

Are you going to do something this year for your children/s teachers?

Just A Happy Mum


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