Family Day at Staglands

Recently we did a family day out at Staglands.

We were pretty lucky because it wasn’t an overly hot day. It was cloudy enough that we could enjoy the day without getting too hot.

Staglands is a place where you can interact with the animals, pet them and feed them from your hands.

The boys absolutely loved our trip here. They were so excited to feed the animals and run around and see everything.

Xavier’s favorite part was when he feed the pigs from his hand. They just come straight up to you and eat. He LOVED it. Kept on going back to them. It was a struggle to get him to move on to carry on with the day.

A little bit about Staglands:
Staglands Wildlife Reserve & Cafe offers visitors the unique and exciting opportunity to connect with nature in a beautiful, natural environment. Feed and freely interact with wildlife in this very special place – the product of one man’s passion and vision to experience nature at its best. Located in the scenic Akatarawa Valley near Upper Hutt

It is defiantely worth the drive over to have the children see and experience the place.

The animals run free, you are always seeing a bird or a duck near you looking to be feed.

You can even pet the Goats when you enter their enclosure. They are surprisingly friendly towards everyone. Although one did chase Xavier because it thought it was playing with him. But once Xavier calmed down it was right back to trying to pat the same goat.

Then we found the wagon that goes along the rails. The boys didn’t realize it moved so when Luke moved it gave them both a fright but they enjoyed the ride. We also found the tractor that you can take a picture one.

There was so many things the kids could interact with and move about. It was a great learning experience for them.

And then when you reach the end you enter this beautiful little garden. It has seats, a house where white birds were flying around, a small fountain coming out of the wall into the pond.

I am not sure but I think it is called the secret garden.

Stagelands is well worth the money. The walk around is great for kids especially being able to interact with the animals and feed them and a bonus is that it’s a great workout for the parents as well. Especially if the kids are eager to see everything all at once. And when your finished you can relax at their Cafe. The coffee is great and the boys loved the fluffies and little cupcakes.

The best part is if you want there are picnic areas and a BBQ area so you don’t have to visit the cafe if you don’t want and it helps to break up the trip and give the kids a little rest to eat and refuel.

Staglands is open everyday and every public holiday except for Christmas day. Wildlife Park Is Open Everyday 9:30am – 5.00pm (Except Christmas Day)  Staglands Café Is Open Everyday From 10:00am – 4:30pm
Ticket prices are:Adults $24.00 (17 years and over)Senior Citizens & Students $19.00 Children $12.00 (4 – 16 years)Three Years and Under NO chargePass (2 Adults and up to 3 Children) $72.00 To find out more information visit Staglands

To anyone considering going to Staglands then I would definitely recommend it for a day out with the kids. It’s one of Wellingtons Must See Things To Do.

So go and check them out. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

– Just A Happy Mum


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