How we are finding Reusable Nappies and our favorite brands

Reusable Nappies…… Are they really worth it?

I’ve been asked this a couple of times now and I thought I would answer it.

In one short sentence: In my opinion Yes they are very much worth it. For us.

One thing I have learnt is that reusable nappies are not for everyone. True it is a lot easier to use disposables because after each use you can just throw it in the bin. But using reusable nappies has saved us so much money. Especially when he has been going through his growth spurt and things have been messy.

The one thing I have learnt is to use a nappy liner in your nappies. It makes the clean up process so much easier.

Another thing is that for us reusable nappies require a routine and a bucket system. We have a wet nappy pale and a dirty nappy pale. Each pale has a set of gloves.

If a nappy is wet, we just take out the liners and place the nappy and the liners in the wet pale. If the nappy is dirty we take the liner out and we place it in the dirty pale. At the end of the night my last job is to rinse, use the figgy and co soap to get at the stain and wash the dirty nappy.

If we have just wet nappies then they wait until the end of the next day to wash them all together.

I always like to make sure that my nappies are hanging up at the end of the night so that they are dry for the next morning. Ready to stuff at some stage.

We also have a basket in the washroom that holds the washing powder, detergent and stain remover that is also only used for the nappies.

Once they have all been stuffed we store them in Damian’s nursery in a kids organizer with three shelves (yes I know we are missing a holder the boys played with it right before the photo 🙂 )

We have four different brands of reusable nappies: Bear and Moo, Little Genie, Chirpy Cheeks and then Baby Factory.

We always have out faviouarte nappies up the top which is Bear and Moo followed by Chirpy Cheeks and lastly Baby Factory.

I’m not a big fan of the Baby Factory nappies. They don’t seem to hold as much as a Bear and Moo nappy does which is a lot. I mean Damian slept the entire night the other night and there was no leaks what so ever in the morning when he was in one of his Bear and Moo Nappies.

Don’t get me wrong we have used some disposable nappies. The first afternoon/night Damian was born we had disposable nappies in the hospital. As soon as we got home we went straight into our reusable’s. Also when we did a full day at the hospital with dad we used disposable just because it was easier to chuck the diaper out. I mean we got there at 8am and didn’t get home until just after 5pm so it was a long day.

Someone also asked me what our favorite brands are so I thought I would give them in order.

  1. Bear and Moo: Hannah is amazing to order from. I have placed an order at 1pm and I’ve gotten a notification by 3pm to say that my package has been picked up by the courier. Her nappies are $16.95 but she has a new launch coming this week on Friday and the new designer collection will be $17.95. Amazing price honestly and they are always the nappies we use first. Also we have done many nights of no nappy change and there is no leaking in the morning which is the best bonus.
  2. Chirpy Cheeks: These range in price I think the ones we got were $16.95 each. They are lovely just a little narrow in the legs. I am not sure that by the time Damian is on the move he will fit them anymore.
  3. Baby Factory: And finally baby factory. Their prices are $9.99 a nappy. To be honest these are my least favorite nappies we own. You get what you pay for and in this sense we always use them last. I have had problems with leakage no matter how tight the nappy is, how I have done the front domes to make it fit and no matter how many inserts we have added. But they are great for a backup if we run out of all our other nappies so honestly I am really not complaining. It is what it is but I definitely won’t buy anymore from the baby factory.

So there are our Faviouarates. If you are thinking of getting into reusable nappies definately do your research and see which brands fit best for you and your budget.

Also don’t be afraid to send the place or person you are buying the nappies from a message on their business page. Before I brought from Bear and Moo I had some questions so I messaged Hannah on Insta and I read her website.

We originally went with baby factory because I didn’t know much and they were nice and cheap.

But definitely YES for us reusable nappies are so worth it and the liners are worth it. And it has helped us save a lot more than I realized on our monthly grocery budget. Plus it gets Xavier involved and it makes him feel like he is helping out because he will go up and choose which diaper Damian is to wear when it comes to nappy change and getting ready for bedtime. So its a win win for us.

Now just to be brave enough to jump into reusable wet wipes is my next challenge 🙂

-Just A Happy Mum


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