Introducing baby Damian

As I sit here. Listening to Christmas Music I thought I should update you on something pretty big.

Baby Damian has arrived. Damian is now three weeks old. He decided to come before his induction date thankfully and arrived on Sunday November 17th at 1.45pm.

We stayed in the hospital Sunday night and we left Monday morning and I did daycare drop off for Xavier on the way home.

Apart from having a trapped nerve which has started to sort itself out everything has been fine. Damian has been gaining weight, he is currently very clingy and wants to constantly be held. I am of course soaking all this up and even though I may complain I am loving life.

Ezra wasn’t very sure of Damian to begin with. But has now warmed up. Xavier on the other hand was completely all over him from the arrival at the hospital. Xavier ran into Daycare all excited when we took Damian in too meet everyone. Proudly telling them his “baby brother Damian is here”.

Of course he has a great bond with his tota as well.

Here are a couple of photos of Damian with the Christmas tree. These were fun to take. He wasn’t that impressed but that’s okay I got some cute ones of him anyway.

I am not one to write a birthing story. For me it was a simple birth. A bit of a mix up with the epidural taking three attempts but hey that’s how it goes sometimes. Otherwise the birth was as simple and straight forward as we could hope for.

Went into hospital at 8.30am on Sunday morning and had him by 1.45pm on the same day. Nothing else to share. The midwife was amazing. The hubby was amazing. My father looked after the boys for me and my Mother in Law came down and saw me, and came back the next morning to help me with leaving the hospital.

Damian really has completed our little family and I am entirely great full that he is here and we are all more in love with him than ever.

Just A Happy Mum


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