Little Genie Reusable Nappies Review

Hey Guys,

Little Genie have brought out reusable nappies and I was interested to see how they would be any different to the ones we already have. I was also interested in the Charcoal they have infused in them.

Here is a little bit about these nappies and liners in Little Genies Words:

Little Genie Reusable are a Bamboo Charcoal Nappy that is a one size fits most. The outside is 100% waterproof.

The bamboo insert is infused with charcoal. This enhances the breathability, making it easier on sensitive skin. Bamboo Charcoal is a quick dry fabric that has superior absorption and deodorizing abilities. It regulates the temperature keeping it dry and help prevents nappy rash.

Here is what we think of them.

First of all can we just take a second to appreciate the fact that these boy patterns are just cute. I mean it can be really hard to find boy patterns that I like but these are some of my favorite ones that we have.

I was very interested in the fact that Little Genie used Charcoal infused liners and inserts. I was also very interested in the fact that they state that they are quick drying. We don’t have a dryer so quick drying nappies and inserts is a big bonus.

They weren’t wrong. I did a wash in the morning and by the middle of the day they were dry and ready to use again. We have also found that the fit is nice and comfortable around Damian’s legs.

But the absolute best part is the no leaking. Damian actually managed to wear one nappy almost all night with no leaking. Which I was very happy about.

The nappies are actually really well priced as well. One thing that I have found is that reusable nappies can be quiet expensive which is understandable I mean you pay for the quality and want them to last the distance.

Each Nappy with Little Genie is $11.00 off their website and comes with one insert. You can buy an additional pack of three inserts from them for $14.00

For us I have found that for the best absorbency it is better to have two inserts in the nappy especially at night. It makes the nappy a big bulkier but well worth it. We also use nappy liners in ours to help with clean up which at night when you have a messy nappy is a big help.

For us we had to buy two packs of extra inserts for our nappies. So my only down with these is that they don’t come with two inserts. But they are reasonably cheap enough also as an alternative you could use one of your normal inserts with them you don’t specifically have to buy the little genie ones. I just did to see how the absorbency was with these inserts alone.

All in all the price is amazing for the quality that you get and are four of our favorite nappies to use.

You can check out the little genie’s full range of nappies and inserts here: Little Genie alternatively you can head into your local Countdown and pick a couple up. They sell the nappies, the extra inserts and the liners as well 🙂

I will do a fully review and price look at all of our reusable nappies in the next coming week.

-Just A Happy Mum


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