Moving to Monthly Pay

Well the Kermit picture pretty much sums up how I am feeling about Monthly Pay.

But first lets focus on the positives.

Luke has a new job 🙂 and he is excited and happy about it. He is actually going back to his old job but moving into a better position. It’s something he has wanted for a while and we are now in our last week of him being at the job he is currently in.

On another note we are having to give back the company car but he got himself a new car which is a hybrid and the wife (me) actually picked out when I decided to go and look at the car yard. He’s happy about that as well.
And finally its a better pay so that’s a bonus.

Now on to the sucky part. Monthly Pay.

The thought of a big shop once a month scares the behinds out of me. I know I know online shopping exists but shopping is my alone time once a fortnight when the kids are in bed. Its like my freedom and happy place. Which can be sad but I enjoy doing my days with my boys and my evenings doing relaxing things and to be honest grocery shopping is relaxing to me haha.

But my biggest fear is that I somehow underestimate what we need and I blow the budget which would not be a good thing for us. I am very strict when it comes to our food shop budget and what we get. Its a balance between convenience with what the boys will eat but also making sure they don’t eat a whole lot of crap (which I have been guilty off from time to time but what parent hasn’t been?).

So I am breaking our shops up. I do one big monthly shop but cut down the monthly shop budget and keep some aside for things like weekly milk, fruit and veg. I am now into the habit of baking my own bread each night so fresh bread is ready in the morning, we make our own yogurt because it seems to last longer and we have started our own little greenhouse which seems to be doing very well.

So I am not sure if I am over thinking things or not.

But only time will tell.

For now I will organise everything and do my first grocery shop this week. It will be a top up shop to add to what we have so we will get through a month. I will also share my meal plans as well. They may become repetitive but it keeps me away from the fish and chip shop when I am struggling at the last minute 🙂

Any other monthly pay mamas have suggestions on how to survive this until it just becomes a habit and we get used to it?

– Just A Happy Mum


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