Only Organic Baby Food Review

We were recently sent some Only Organic Baby Food for Damian to try and to talk about and post pictures off on Instagram.

I have always been a big fan of Only Organic Baby food. I mean not only is it tasty but after a long day off being with the kids its or when your out and about they are super convenient for a fast feed and a full tummy.

Only Organic is a New Zealand based and family owned company and I am all for supporting New Zealand businesses big or small.

As in the name Only Organic use only certified organic ingredients and were the first organic baby food brand in New Zealand and Australia.

I feel like I am using the word Organic a lot but it’s kind off hard to miss out.

Anyway we were sent a box full off goodies for Damian to try and included in the box was the cutest bamboo dinner set and the even more cuter bib.

The box contained some of Damian’s faviouate flavours that he has already tried such as Mango, Coconut & Quinoa, the Cauliflower, Broccoli & Cheddar and the Vanilla Custard.

The box also contained one of their new flavors which was the Prune, Pear & Purple Carrot and wow Damian loved it. He ate the entire pouch in one sitting.

I always say a baby with a messy food face is a happy baby especially if they have a smile on their face. Like Damian did.

Now I know people say that the best food to feed your baby is homemade food and I agree but I also know that my days do get away with me and I run out off time so I know that Damian is feed and I only use brands that I know and trust and when it comes to pouch food and I have used Only Organic with both Xavier and Ezra so I am comfortable and confident that when using pouch food I am using the best food available for my little boys.

So in saying that. We always have Only Organic pouches in the cupboard and when I am on my way out the door I just grab one or two and throw them in the baby bag. We also use the Only Organic baby rusks because I have found they don’t break easily and with Damian still having no teeth at 7 months old this is a comfort to me.

The best part is that they are also reasonably priced. At $1.99 each every month I grab 6. This way I always have a backup for a meal or for when we leave the house if I have run out of time.

Plus when Countdown have a baby special you can usually pick up 4 pouches for $6.00.

So my review is this: I definitely would recommend Only Organic to anyone. After using the products on my eldest two I know what I am using and I am confident in what I am using.

I make baby food all the time BUT there is nothing wrong with pre-made baby food pouches for those times you run out of time or you are just out and about.

The bonus is Damian LOVES to take the pouch and feed himself and the mess while sometimes epic is not as messy as when he uses him hands in the bowl or grabs the spoon and flings it about which while cute sometimes I just don’t want.

Only Organic products can be found at any supermarket in New Zealand for $1.99 a pouch. So check them out 🙂

Also if you want to know more about Only Organic click on the name and it will take you to their website.

-Just A Happy Mum Blog

Full disclosure: The products we received were gifted to us but we do genuinely buy these products as well.


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