Our Family Morning in Wellington

This morning I had the boys up feed and dressed and ready to leave for Wellington by 7.30am. The hubby was up and we left at 7.50am and headed in for a morning in Wellington.

Our first stop was the Fruit and Vegetables Market located right next to Te Papa. We parked in the Te Papa car park because there market takes up a lot of the next parking lot and what little parking they did have had a huge queue waiting.

We got there at a relatively nice time. It wasn’t overly busy, we could just stroll around and have a look before we brought what vegetables we needed.

The colors were really visually pleasing and Xavier helped me pick some vegetables out and then helped pack them in our bags. We also found the flowers. Forgot to go back and buy some before we left.

Our next stop was the little food market they had right next to the fruit and Vegetable market. They had everything from a bread stand, to a organic dog treat stand, to coffee, to cakes and lollies and then just food truck after food truck. As a pregnant women walking about it made me unbelievably hungry.

Ezra and I found a man with a cookies, cakes, jams and lolly stand and Ezra wanted a lolly Kebab that he was selling. We got two of those, found somewhere to sit and patiently waited for Xavier and Luke to come back.

Once they came back Xavier got stuck into his one. They were both happy and quiet for a total of 3 minutes 🙂

Once the boys were finished sitting quietly we went for a walk past all the food vendors, stopped to look at the fish boat and all the sea gulls flying around hoping for food as well as looking at all the boats in the harbor.

Then we went for a walk further around the harbor and the boys saw an area to play in and make a little noise.

After a good 30 minutes here just letting the boys burn off some energy we went back to the food market and grabbed something to eat. I can’t remember what it was called that I ended up getting but it was really delicious. The food was very reasonably priced as well. Most things started at $14.00 and went up from there. The boys shared a drink while sitting and watching the water and finishing their lolly kebab’s.

By this time it had reached just past 10am and Te Papa had opened.
I really wanted to see the exhibition Final: Bouquet done by Nike Savves. To see it was actually a really different experience. There was no barrier around the exhibition so you could just stand there and look at all the different colors. It was as I said a different experience. When the fans started up to see the color and the movement was just a really nice experience. It had an almost calming experience to see it.

Xavier loved it and just stood there staring up at it with a look of wonder on his face. Ezra wanted to actually touch it which of course he couldn’t so he didn’t really understand.

We spent a good while here just looking and watching. It was a good break for this mama’s feet as well which was very much appreciated.

After we were done at Te Papa we finally took Xavier to the Train Station. One thing about Xavier is that he is obsessed with trains at the moment and Ezra is really catching the hype. He had been asking all week to go and see the trains and I promised him we would take him on the weekend and he is now at that stage where he doesn’t forget so we did a stop and I am telling you it was well worth it.

This was one of those moments where when he hits his teenage years I am going to look back on these photos, and see my innocent baby. It might be the hormones talking but it was actually an emotional experience.
Seeing his face just light up with the biggest smile, pointing, telling me to look, and getting excited. It was definitely something that I will remember.

Its amazing how when we see trains that just what we see trains, nothing more, nothing less but when Xavier and Ezra see trains they see something new, something exciting. No matter how many times we see a train in the car they get just as excited each time. So seeing one stationary and up close was just a whole new level of excitement for them both.

After our time at the train station it was time to head home. Ezra was rubbing his eyes and I just needed a break from moving about.
It may seem like we didn’t do much and we probably didn’t but the boys absolutely loved their time out on Sunday Morning and that was well worth it for them.

I am planning another Wellington Morning for our family before baby but that will have to be after we have out next couple of Sunday Mornings all booked up with different places.

– Just A Happy Mum


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