Our Reusable Nappy Wash Routine

Hey Everyone,

We have been on our reusable nappy journey for 13 months now and over time of learning and trial and error I have found the best wash routine that works for us.

Now as stated above. It works for us. So I thought I would write a blog post to give some ideas in case someone else is wanting Ideas 🙂 I also always wear gloves when attending to our nappies when in the washroom.

I’ll start off with showing you how we store our nappies until wash time. The top basket is for the wet poopy diapers and baby wipes, the middle basket is for the inserts and the bottom basket is for the remaining diapers and baby wipes.

Now before someone points it out yes there are two diapers in the middle basket which is for inserts only. That is the hubby. Not me 🙂

Step 1:
If it is just a wet nappy I take it to the wash room, remove the nappy inserts from the nappy and place them in their baskets.

If on the other hand it is a poopy diaper. I start by emptying the poo into the toilet. Then if Damian is calm and settled I will empty the insert and rinse the diaper under hot water and use the Figgy and Co Coconut Bar Soap to help scrub any remaining poo away. I then ring it and place it in our top basket. I repeat the steps on the baby wipes as well if needed.

If Damian is unsettled and I just need to be with him after I have put the poo down the toilet I will then place the nappy in the basin along with the baby wipes and once dinner is done and clean up is happening I will then head in and do the rinse, soap and then put them in their basket.

At the end of the day both ways work it all just depends on the baby at the time 🙂

Step 2:
We wait between 2 to 3 days to do our wash. Depending on how many we have.

Step 3:
We start put our wash with just the poop diapers and baby wipes. We do a 60 minute pre-wash on 60 degrees with just some stain remover. I always pre-wash the poopy diapers first.

Step 4:
Once the 60 minute pre-wash is done I then load in the rest of the diapers, inserts and baby wipes. I then do a hot wash on 60 degrees for 2 hours (its just what our washing machine does). In this second was I do another stain remover and some percale sensitive powder.

I do not use a liquid detergent or a fabric softener in our nappy washes. It is recommended not too 🙂

Step 5:
Now this is where everyone has a preference. If its a sunny nice day I will place them on the clothes horse outside. Nappy so the covering is facing upwards and the inserts so the sun can dry them.

If I can’t have them outside due to the weather then the second option is to have them on the clothes horse in the house. I don’t like to do this because I find that everything takes way to long to dry and it takes up a lot of room.
So my go two option if I can’t have them outside is to pop them in the dryer. I know this isn’t the most ideal thing to do. But to me its a second best option. If I know they will take too long to dry in the house. Plus putting them in the dryer ensures that we have enough baby wipes to make a new batch when we either run out or we need to make a new batch up in 3 days.

Step 6:
Once I have removed the diapers, liners and baby wipes from the washing machine and hung them out or placed them in the dryer I then do a spray of my tub with some Stardrops White Vinegar and place my tub on tub clean. It takes about 60 minutes to do. BUT I always do this to ensure that my tub is nice and clean for my next load of laundry

Step 7:
Once everything is dry I then stuff or I place them in the basket and I stuff them soon and put them away.

This is our wash routine. It works for us. We have done nightly washes when we first started out even though we quiet a few diapers but this became a hassle. so now we do every 2 to 3 days.

Hope this helps someone who is starting their cloth nappy journey or maybe looking into do cloth nappy 🙂

The Bar we use on the nappies and the White Vinegar spray are linked as well (No I don’t earn any thing from them. I just find them super useful to my routine).

Just A Happy Mum


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