Puzzle Time: A Fair Play Toys Review

Every child loves a puzzle right?

Well Xavier and Ezra are no exception. But I have found that buying decent, long lasting puzzles have been a bit of a mission.

So one day before Christmas I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across a small New Zealand run business called Fairplay.nz and honestly I fell in love with the looks for their products. So you know I had to jump on their website, have a look and learn some more about their products.

Here is a bit of a back story around Fairplay.nz.

The business is run by an absolutely lovely lady called Mandy who has two little boys. The toys itself in their own words “All toys have been ethically sourced from organisations who represent hundreds of small-scale artisans around the world.”

“All of our toys meet NZ safety standards and are made from sustainable sourced materials, plus the artisans who create them are all paid a fair wage for their work.”

So after scouring their website and talking to Mandy I ended up ordering two puzzles for the boys. We got a the Dragon Puzzle for Xavier which has ABC on one side and the 123’s on the other side and we got Ezra the Dachshund Puzzle which has 1 – 10 on one side. Each puzzle was also very reasonably priced.

When they arrived which was in a fast time frame and we opened them up you could feel the quality of the puzzles. They were just so nice and sturdy and if you have boys that are as rough as mine sturdy is what you need.

The bonus is if you are wanting to buy a few they offer genopay so you can pay everything off.

Both boys absolutely love these two puzzles and they are constantly doing them. Both boys are able to do the puzzles on their own with no help which is great when they are doing quiet time and I am feeding Damian.

Plus they are such great quality that they will be around for Damian as well which is what we are wanting.

Ezra doing his puzzle. His proud face when he does it all by himself in the last photo 🙂

Xavier and Ezra doing the Dragon Puzzle together.

Honestly of you are looking for amazing quality puzzles or other toys because they do more than just puzzles then head over to Fairplay Toys have a look and support local.

You won’t be disappointed 🙂 Or send them a message on their Instagram and have a quick chat with the lovely Mandy


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