Self Care ideas for mums

As a busy mama the idea of self-care can sometimes be a strange thing. You have so much going on all the time.

Whether you are a stay at home mama or a working mama it’s not easy. Plus everyone’s idea of self-care looks differently.

I have not always been the best at self-care myself. Let’s face it I have just never found the time. Between being a SAHM mother and wife, looking after my terminally ill father, studying, running a business, and running a house I have just never really found the time or even thought about it.

My mindset has always been everyone else before me. Once everyone and everything else is sorted I would then think about me. BUT I never found the time to think about me. There was just never enough time in the day and night to think about me.

And I became burnt out. I became even more stressed, my anxiety and panic attacks became strong from the worry and stress and I eventually broke down.

In 2020 midway through the year, I knew something needed to change. For my mental health and for my family. So, I started looking into self-care tips and ideas to help me.

One thing I’ve learnt is that self-care isn’t always sitting in the chair and having your hair or nails done, and it certainly isn’t getting to do the grocery shop alone for some peace and quiet. And if that is what self-care is to you then that is also fine 🙂

Self-care to me is about doing something for that makes me feel good and I can fit within doing everything else

So here are my top Tips and Ideas for self-care for a busy mama.
I find it helps to pick and choose which ones I want to do each week.

Get up an hour earlier than your family
I will admit that I am hit and miss with this. Sometimes I get up before everyone else and just sit and relax with a cup of tea, clear my mind. And sometimes I am in bed and asleep until hubby comes to tell me he is leaving. It all depends on how the night before went.

On a side note if you are a new mama who does not get much sleep or a mama with kids that are up and down throughout the night. This is not something you might be able to do and that is okay. Sleep is important for you as well mama.

Do not check social media
For the first hour I am awake I do not check social media. This helps me not to get stuck in the rut of being on my phone. This one just works for me.

Stay hydrated
For me I wake up and have some water while my morning tea or coffee is being made. I then sit with the curtains open and enjoy the morning drink in the quiet.

Make yourself look and feel good
This is not being about vein or looking good for someone else. Do it for you. Even if it’s just a clean pair of pants and top with your hair brushed. You do not have to go all out and do make up. But do something that makes you look and feel good about yourself.

There are days when I feel good with just a clean pair of pants and top and brushed hair. Other days I love to do my makeup as well.

Make sure you eat
It’s always easy to forget to eat. Especially when you are on the go and are busy with mama duties and every other duty you have. So make sure you eat. It’s good for you. And I am not talking about the scrapes of your kids plates I am meaning a proper meal for you.

Make time for yourself
For me this happens at the end of each night. Once the kids are in bed and the kitchen is clean, I love to have a hot bath with a bath bomb, a face mask on and a book. I also make sure to place my phone in the bedroom as well to completely detach and focus on replacing.

Alternatively, I love to do and get my eyebrows done. Whatever you choose to do just make sure its for yourself.

Talk to a friend
Being a mama is hard so making sure you have someone to talk to is important. Message a friend, ring a friend, talk to them about anything and everything. Check up on each other. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. It’s a nice feeling.

Find a podcast or music to listen to
For me I love to listen to podcasts while I cook dinner. I will admit that it is a true crime podcast that I listen to. But I find it nice to listen to something while cooking dinner. Its also relaxing.

Get moving
Get moving doesn’t always mean you have to join a gym. For me this is not an option financially and I am okay with that. I love to place Damian in the pram during school hours and get out for a walk. It’s relaxing and mind clearing. Plus, it’s healthy for you 🙂

Set a list of goals for the week
Every Sunday night I love to set a new list of goals for the up-and-coming week. It is a mixture of house goals, family goals and goals for me. I find this helpful for me to be relaxed and excited to see which goals I reach.

Read a book
I am a massive book reader. I own over 300 book and I am still adding to them weekly. I find a book relaxing. To me there is nothing better after a busy day like just curling up and losing myself in a book and the characters. It helps me to clear my mind and just lose myself.

Get an early night
For me getting an early night is important. I still do not get a full nights sleep between the three boys so for me getting an early night is helpful to make me feel like I did get some sleep that night and I am less cranky.

These ideas are not a must do list. It is a just a list to give you some ideas. I do not do everything each week. I choose which ones I want to do.

At the end of the day, you need to do what works for you. Sometimes you will not have time to do everything or you just don’t want to do anything.

As long as you take some time for yourself and and do something for yourself and your mental health

You are not being selfishit’s you knowing that in order to be the best you can for your family it means thinking and doing something for yourself.

What do you do for self-care? Or do you do nothing yet? Do you have some suggestions on what I can add to the list?

Let me know




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